Do you accept insurance payments?

We will process auto insurance claims and collect payments from auto insurance companies.

How is AtlasPROfilax different than a chiropractic adjustment of the atlas bone?

During Dr. Elijah's 20 years of chiropractic experience, he sees the repeated pattern of his patients who need their atlas bone (C1) adjusted again and again.   In contrast, AtlasPROfilax has lasting results. For the last 6 years, Dr. Elijah reports that most of his patients and clients only need one AtlasPROfilax treatment for the atlas to hold in its correct and natural position.  Please refer to the AtlasPROfilax video and website.  We invite you to attend a free Atlas Class. 

Am I able use my flex spending or health savings account?

Yes,we accept payment through flex spending and health savings accounts.  Please verify what is accepted by your employer.

How often should I do a foot detox?

Frequent use is beneficial for weight loss, cleansing organs and detoxing from heavy metals.  You may schedule a foot detox treatment as often as every other day.   We recommend a foot detox when you are fight off a cold, the flu or other illness.  For maintenance, we recommend a foot detox treatment at least once every 6 months.  This 30 minute treatment is very affordable.


What is a body scan?

Also known as electro dermo screening (EDS), the body scan is a useful diagnostic tool.  You will sit comfortably in a chair during the scan, without any harmful exposure to electro magnetic frequency or radiation.  After scanning your body, you will receive a report and specially-formulated remedy for you.

What is mud packing?

Mud packing is described by Dr. Elijah as "liquid acupuncture".  It is as effective as several acupuncture treatments, without the needles.  It improves your body's regular energy flow through the central nervous system.  Blockage or interference can occur from surgeries, broken bones, head or tail bone trauma, and other causes.